Microsoft Band and staying Fit

2014-10-30 20:14:16 in Ken Spencer

Hm, very cool announcement. Check out the new Microsoft Band. It looks really cool and works on most mobile devices. you can get it on the Microsoft store.

And there also help with getting the right...


Mobile Development with Xamarin

2014-10-08 18:17:44 in Ken Spencer

Check out Xamarin Evolve. Lots of cool mobile dev stuff going on with C#.


Automating software development

2014-10-07 21:23:35 in Ken Spencer

One of the things I am fond is reducing the time to perform tasks in the software world. Sometimes that involves lots of code such as a custom testing system I am building for a client. But even lots of...


Windows 10

2014-09-30 22:20:18 in Ken Spencer

Widows 10 is heading our way quickly. The new version is the next major update to Windows 8.1 and will rock. It will be targeted at devices small to large and incorporate features that many users have...


Windows Azure–Machine Learning Announced

2014-07-15 22:05:21 in Ken Spencer

The future is really getting here fast. Now comes Microsoft with new stuff on Azure that does machine learning. This means you can write apps on there and they can get smarter and smarter. This looks to...


In-memory OLTP Considerations session

2014-07-02 18:03:27 in Ken Spencer

Visit us on July 8th at 10am PDT for this exciting session. The link is:

We meet once a month in the in-memory virtual user group. It’s a...


Kinect your phone

2014-06-09 20:15:22 in Ken Spencer

Sounds like to me that Microsoft is on to something with their Nokia deal now. Later this year we should see Kinect like features in new phones where we can just hover over a tile or do many things without...


Uses for SQL Server 2014

2014-05-21 23:02:59 in Ken Spencer

This week I gave a presentation to a client on using SQL Server 2014 in-memory features. This was just an overview session to give them an idea of what it was and how it works. The discussions that acme...


Query to find in-memory tables in SQL Server 2014 database

2014-04-29 17:11:51 in Ken Spencer

Recently I needed a query to find all the in-memory tables in a database I was working on. This database has a mix of standard and in-memory tables.  So after poking around a few minutes I found this DMV:...


WPF ListBoxItem – change background

2013-12-17 17:25:22 in Ken Spencer

Heres a link i found today thats really interesting. Its been around for awhile but its still really useful.

The key to this approach in setting the ListItemBackground when a listitem is selected is to...


WPF Multi threading with TPLHelper

2013-12-12 20:07:37 in Ken Spencer

The TPLHelper library is awesome. I use it frequently in many apps to handle threading stuff for me.

For instance, you can set it up like so to fire up a task and then handle finish tasks and even an...


VS 2010: Generate Submenu

2013-12-09 20:31:22 in Ken Spencer

I tell you what, VS 2010 really rocks. I have been using it since back in B2 and its awesome. So today i am heads down working and need to keep adding enums for business rules i am creating. On a whim,...


WPF: Databinding case

2013-12-09 20:30:25 in Ken Spencer

Sometimes when you whip out a view and the databinding, the data does not show up.

Always check the VS details in the Output window. This is what i found the other day:

System.Windows.Data Error: 40...


Create WPF fields from DB table

2013-12-07 15:12:43 in Ken Spencer

I was working on some data entry views today and needed to create fields to represent a database tables columns. So, i whipped out this little SQL script:

declare @TableName varchar(100)
set @TableName...


Silverlight Futures

2013-11-14 20:28:34 in Ken Spencer

Visual Studio 2013 is out now and packed with new features.

Silverlight 5 looks great too:

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