Hi all,

Here is an interesting case I encountered recently.

I have a procedure that takes >45 sec to complete.
The users would very much like to have it execute much faster.
It has > 11,000 lines of code and originally, it went something like this: (more…)

Everything is not what it seems

CircularString Myth

In search for some knowledge about CircularString I stumble on the following content:

“A CIRCULARSTRING line is a sequence of an odd number of at least three points, which are connected to form a curved arc. For example, consider the following Transact-SQL:


Visual Studio: Lightswitch

Check out this post from my good friend Andrew Brust on the new Lightswitch release from Microsoft.

Lightswitch can generate Siliverlight applications quickly. It runs in Visual Studio and allows the developer to really generate the application quickly and get it up and running.

I saw a demo of this technology several years ago and even then it was unreal.


IIS 7 and SL 4 2103 error

I have a new build of win 7 64x on my laptop that’s about a week old. I have a pretty complex Sl 4 app that runs fine if using the vs host in 2010. If i flip the setting in the web project to use the IIS Web Server and run it, I get this:

Line: 56 Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application
Code: 2103    Category: InitializeError
Message: Invalid or malformed application: Check manifest


Silverlight 4: ChildWindow

One of my favorite features of SL 4 is the childwindow. You can add a window to your project just like in WPF and then add all the xaml to it. Then define it in your code. For instance, the following code references a childwindow called ItemMaintenance. Its creates a new instance of it, then wires up a closed event, then shows the window. (more…)

Silverlight 4: Datagrid

Today i am building features using the new Datagrid for SL 4. Pretty cool.
I wanted to be able to set the column widths and headers magically in code. So i added names to the column headers like so:


VS2010 Silverlight:Bug with XAML Files and code behind

I have a bug that has been recurring with some frequency during the RC cycle of VS 2010 and its still there in the RTM.Lets say I have a SL usercontrol with several fields on it. All of a sudden the usercontrol gets in a state where the code behind cannot see the fields in the XAML. If you try and specify the fields in code, intellisense does not work and typing the field name generates an error.