How to bulk copy Azure ML Experiments from a Workspace to another one or do a Backup of them in Physical Files

Hi all,

today I want to tackle the issue of bulk copying more than one Azure ML experiment at once between different workspaces.

May be you already know that you can partially solve this task by copying an experiment one at a time. But you have to access to both the workspaces with your user. If not, you can simply share a workspace in this way:

Once you can see both the workspaces in your Azure Machine Learning Studio, you can simply select an experiment and than “Copy to workspace”:


and than you can choose the destination workspace:


A you can imagine… you can’t simply select more than one experiment and than copy all them:


Now suppose you have dozens of experiments and simply you don’t want to waste your time coping them all manually, or moreover you can’t have access to a shared workspace for security reasons. Is there a way to bulk copy your experiments? I’ll show you how to do that using few rows of PowerShell.


Delete Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 with Windows PowerShell

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