MS SQL Server 2012 Learning Path (Slovenia)

I created a diagram for the standard learning path in Slovenia for SQL Server 2012. We are implementing this learning path together with Kompas Xnet. The learning path includes both, Microsoft and SolidQ courses. Our courses complement Microsoft courses. Note that for other countries, other learning paths might be more appropriate. SolidQ offers many SQL Server and related technologies courses. We offer some of these courses in Slovenia as well; however, as these additional courses are usually scheduled on demand, I did not include them in this standard learning path picture. The path includes the following categories:


SQL Server 2012 XQuery Supplementary Characters Support

From SQL Server 2012, XQuery functions are surrogate-aware. SQL Server Unicode data types, including NCHAR, NVARCHAR, and XML, encode text in UTF-16 format. SQL Server allocates for each character a unique codepoint, a value in the range 0x0000 to 0x10FFFF. Most of the characters fit into a 16-bit word. Characters with codepoint values larger than 0xFFFF require two consecutive 16-bit words, i.e. two bytes. These characters are called supplementary characters, and the two consecutive 16-bit words are called surrogate pairs. (more…)