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Ken Spencer

WPF ListBoxItem – change background

2013-12-17 17:25:22 by Ken Spencer

Heres a link i found today thats really interesting. Its been around for awhile but its still really useful.

The key to this approach in setting the ListItemBackground when a listitem is selected is to use the Simple Styles in WPF now. This is really...

Ken Spencer

WPF Multi threading with TPLHelper

2013-12-12 20:07:37 by Ken Spencer

The TPLHelper library is awesome. I use it frequently in many apps to handle threading stuff for me.

For instance, you can set it up like so to fire up a task and then handle finish tasks and even an exception in a task. The following example shows...

Ken Spencer

VS 2010: Generate Submenu

2013-12-09 20:31:22 by Ken Spencer

I tell you what, VS 2010 really rocks. I have been using it since back in B2 and its awesome. So today i am heads down working and need to keep adding enums for business rules i am creating. On a whim, i used an enum that did not exist yet in the enum...

Ken Spencer

WPF: Databinding case

2013-12-09 20:30:25 by Ken Spencer

Sometimes when you whip out a view and the databinding, the data does not show up.

Always check the VS details in the Output window. This is what i found the other day:

System.Windows.Data Error: 40 : BindingExpression path error: 'Id' property not...

Ken Spencer

Create WPF fields from DB table

2013-12-07 15:12:43 by Ken Spencer

I was working on some data entry views today and needed to create fields to represent a database tables columns. So, i whipped out this little SQL script:

declare @TableName varchar(100)
set @TableName = ‘MyTable’


Ken Spencer

Silverlight Futures

2013-11-14 20:28:34 by Ken Spencer

Visual Studio 2013 is out now and packed with new features.

Silverlight 5 looks great too:

Ken Spencer

SQL Server 2014 CTP 2

2013-11-14 20:12:03 by Ken Spencer

SQL Server 2014 is moving along. Now its hit CTP 2 status. You can download it here:

Check out James Serra’s blog on the data tools:

Ken Spencer

Death of the PC – oops - NO

2013-10-25 21:00:27 by Ken Spencer

I have always read lots of crap in the technology news with a grain of salt. Just saw this a bit ago:

The author makes a good point about the PC. The PC is not dead at all....

Ken Spencer

SQL Server 2014 CTP2

2013-10-16 16:35:33 by Ken Spencer

Check out this great little article on 2014 from my friend Andrew:

Looks like SQL Serer is getting better and better. The new features should make it scream now.

Ken Spencer

Delta Airlines goes Surface

2013-10-01 15:38:12 by Ken Spencer

Delta airlines is getting Surface tablets for its pilots instead of moving to ipads.  Check out this article. Some of the reasons they are making the move are:


One reason Delta picked a Microsoft device was that it's easier to give pilots separate...

Ken Spencer

Windows 8.1 – more

2013-09-06 05:07:11 by Ken Spencer

Check out this video. Cool indeed.

Ken Spencer

ETL – SSIS Step 2

2013-09-05 17:30:04 by Ken Spencer

The last interesting step here involves a number of calls to stored procedures that were not rewritten yet.

The original code was using a Execute SQL Task in the Control Flow to execute all of the stored procedures.

To get SSIS to multi task the sproc...

Ken Spencer

ETL – SSIS Step 1

2013-09-05 17:15:32 by Ken Spencer

Lately i was working on project where the current ETL process was approaching 8 hours run time. There were a few critical tables to had over 100,000,000 rows to load that were bogging down the system. The entire process was done by a ton of SQL Stored...

Ken Spencer

ETL – Straight .Net

2013-09-05 16:22:58 by Ken Spencer

This past winter i was working on a project where i used my Access Converter to turn a Microsoft Access application into .Net.  This ended up as a WPF smart client app.

The Access app was using VBA to execute two SSIS packages.  When i dug into the...

Ken Spencer

ETL – Windows Service

2013-09-05 16:06:33 by Ken Spencer

I worked on a financial application recently where there were importing data from 8 different databases nightly into a single database. The data became available at different points during the night and had lots of detailed processing around each element. ...

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