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Randy Dyess

SQL Server 2008 Introduces Filtered Indexes

2008-03-13 06:48:00 by Randy Dyess

I have been playing around with the latest SQL Server 2008 CTP while trying to keep both my performance tuning and DBA classes updated with the latest changes. When I review new releases of SQL Server, I tend to evaluate the release by determining which...

Randy Dyess

Nice Little Improvement in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio

2008-03-12 05:01:00 by Randy Dyess

I know it has been awhile since I wrote my last blog and I have all the common excuses on why I have not written one in almost a month and most of them are just excuses and not really active reasons.  I have had two pieces published in the February 2008...

Randy Dyess

Review of some different ways to delete data

2008-02-13 06:50:00 by Randy Dyess

I was recently looking at some blog posts and noticed a new one out by the SQL Server CAT team titled Top 10 Best Practices for Building a Large Scale Relational Data Warehouse. This short piece has several interesting items in it but one of the top...

Randy Dyess

Table Partitioning and Indexes (Part 2)

2008-02-12 04:21:00 by Randy Dyess

In the last post on this subject I talked about table partitioning and aligned indexes. This time I would like to discuss table partitioning and non-aligned indexes. But first I wanted to give you a little code that would answer the very last pieces of...

Randy Dyess

Table Partitioning and Indexes (Part 1)

2008-02-11 07:33:00 by Randy Dyess

As many of you know, SQL Server 2005 introduced the ability to partition data at the table level. No longer did we have to create multiple tables and tie them back together through a partition view and check constraints on a partitioning column. In SQL...

Randy Dyess

SQL Server Performance Tuning Bootcamp

2008-02-09 00:51:00 by Randy Dyess

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Randy Dyess

Query Wait Option and query timeouts

2008-02-09 00:43:00 by Randy Dyess

A configuration option in SQL Server that is often overlooked or misapplied is the Query Wait configuration option. This option determines how long a query will wait for a resource (memory) with the default value of -1. The default value means that a...

Randy Dyess

Two New Pieces Finally Published

2008-02-04 23:19:00 by Randy Dyess

I just wanted to send a quick announcement on two new pieces that I completed at the end of last year that are just now being published. One is the first of a series of 8 videos I recorded for SQL Server Magazine and DELL on various SQL Server 2008 topics....

Randy Dyess

New white papers for SQL Server Magazine and DELL

2008-02-02 19:17:00 by Randy Dyess
Although it has been two weeks since my last post, I have not been on vacation. I have a few posts that will come out over the next few days, but I wanted to write up a small post to tell you that I have two new white papers that have just been published...
Randy Dyess

CPU Affinity Mask and Hard Binding

2008-01-16 03:33:00 by Randy Dyess

I’m going to start calling these little blog postings something like: Did You Know? Often when I go to client’s sites for performance tuning engagements, I see that they have set the Affinity Mask to leave 1 CPU free for the OS and other applications...

Randy Dyess

Change SQL Server Authentication Modes

2008-01-16 00:44:00 by Randy Dyess

I know not a lot of DBAs out there have to change the authentication mode after they have installed SQL Server, but do you know that if you installed SQL Server using the Windows Authentication that you change the mode without hacking the registry like...

Randy Dyess

SQL Server 2008 Object Dependencies Video

2008-01-15 23:40:00 by Randy Dyess

While modifying Solid Quality’s DBA Bootcamp for SQL Server 2008, I begin researching object dependencies. In the past we all knew that verifying the dependencies of objects in SQL Server basically meant you had to search through syscomments (SQL Server...

Randy Dyess

Lock Pages in Memory

2008-01-12 00:25:00 by Randy Dyess

Many of us have heard that SQL Server is not designed to use the paging file, but many people do not know that SQL Server can be paged out if there is memory pressure on the server. SQL Server will try to prevent itself from being paged and will try to...

Randy Dyess

Memory on Startup

2008-01-12 00:24:00 by Randy Dyess

During one of my classes I was asked how SQL Server reserves memory during its startup. I thought I would take a few minutes to describe how memory is reserved and configuration during the initialization of SQL Server.


The first item that is reserved...

Randy Dyess

Memory information through a few DMVs

2008-01-09 21:41:00 by Randy Dyess

One of my traits is that I am always trying to figure out how to get the same information in a variety of ways. When I go out to client sites to do performance assessments, often the DBAs are constrained in what they can do on their own boxes. For many...

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