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José Quinto Zamora

How to hide Ribbon when we aren’t in Edit mode (SharePoint 2010)

2010-12-27 13:48:00 by José Quinto Zamora

In SharePoint 2010, when we aren’t in edit mode, we mustn’t view Ribbon or we mustn’t view empty div that represents Ribbon.

For example, in the below image, the empty div with ID “s4-ribbonrow” (only is empty when we aren’t in edit mode), but in this...

José Quinto Zamora

How to add or edit WebPart (Content Editor and XSLTListViewWebPart) to SharePoint 2010 Page programmatically

2010-11-22 20:07:00 by José Quinto Zamora


In this little post we will see how to add Content Editor WebPart to SharePoint 2010 Page programmatically:


And this code for editing XSLTListViewWebPart programmatically:



Guillermo Bas

Download sessions from the SharePoint Connections 2010 Autumn

2010-11-14 19:22:00 by Guillermo Bas

Channel 9 has published this month all the sessions from the last SharePoint Connections to be played online or Downloaded in different formats.


SharePoint History

2010-11-07 09:49:00 by 
José Quinto Zamora

SharePoint 2010 Online, It is customizable and manageable?

2010-11-05 02:37:00 by José Quinto Zamora

Last month, Microsoft SharePoint Team published in its Blog an issue in order to clarify How customizable and manageable is SharePoint Online. This is an abstract:


For SharePoint developers and independent software vendors (ISV’s), the opportunities...

José Quinto Zamora

PowerShell Script to Deploying in GAC and deploying a WSP in SharePoint 2010

2010-11-04 12:18:00 by José Quinto Zamora


When you develop a SharePoint Solution you have many types of projects: Webparts, Features, Controls, … In this post we show how to make a PowerShell Script in order to automatize several deployments only in one ps1.

For example, in my use case...

José Quinto Zamora

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon hides Logo and Top Bar Menu when you change Browse Tab

2010-10-20 17:44:00 by José Quinto Zamora


In SharePoint 2010 we use Ribbon to get Contextual menu actions, but when you change “Browse” tab, to Page for example, then logo and top menu are hidden by contextual actions. See next image to get better idea:



If you (or...

José Quinto Zamora

How to display Navigation links in SharePoint through WebPart

2010-10-19 13:11:00 by José Quinto Zamora


In this post we will do a WebPart that display Navigation from current site (SPWeb):



I hope that you enjoy!



José Quinto Zamora

Breadcrumb Navigation In SharePoint 2010

2010-10-18 16:45:00 by José Quinto Zamora


In SharePoint 2010 there are a new breadcrumb that it is integrated in the Ribbon, but when we need the typical breadcrumb (that is presented in one line instead clicking a button) we can apply this workaround:

1. Put this code in the Master Page:

José Quinto Zamora

Creating, Installing and Configuring SharePoint Controls (WebControl, GAC, web.config, SafeControl, Register)

2010-10-15 10:14:00 by José Quinto Zamora


In this post we will create a ASP Control that inherits from WebControl, the will install it in a SharePoint 2010 environment, and then we will configure it in order to display it in a Master Page.

1. Create Control that Inherits from WebControl

Guillermo Bas

Full equip SharePoint 2010 evaluation Hyper-V machine

2010-10-06 16:47:00 by Guillermo Bas

It’s available from June but I discover this interesting free evaluation machine to do some dangerous tests as “sandboxed” environment.

Complete specification and download links here:

Cristian M. Zaragoza Gómez

How to know what site template are we using?

2010-09-29 16:23:00 by Cristian M. Zaragoza Gómez

When we create a new Site in SharePoint, we have to choose what site template are going to use. We choose among a lot of options, considering what we are going to need in our Site, and after clicking on "Create", we forget the name of the template...

Guillermo Bas

Security issue in Asp.Net that affects SharePoint

2010-09-27 21:36:00 by Guillermo Bas

At this post of the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog you will find all the information: Vulnerability in ASP.NET and SharePoint

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