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Technical articles:

Network latencies over 1ms. Are they enough for a good SQL server performance?

Gradually, as storage gets faster and local SSD storage becomes more popular, etc. disk access times are significantly decreasing. In these regards, perhaps the best example are the SSDs Optane systems, notable for their much lower read/ write latencies than with traditional SSD’s, in addition to being directly connected through the PCIe bus:

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Latency, the worst enemy for any Hybrid Cloud environment

In the last few years, we are increasingly finding more hybrid environments where some SQL Servers are being migrated to the Cloud. In these cases, other applications, services, ERPs or even SQL Server instances continue to be based OnPremise in the initial data center. This means that in the event of any connections between both environments, these will be restricted by bandwidth and higher latencies, as opposed to other connections that do not go across both environments.

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Grow your business:

Power BI (Audit) Usage Analytics; Get the most out of your Dashboards!

SolidQ has developed a powerful tool through Power BI itself that gives abundant information on the use of the organization´s Dashboards and Reports. Power BI Usage Analytics allows us to know, for example, whether a Dashboard is being used or not, if it is used a lot or a little, who uses them and at what times, what Workspace is used more, as well as compare uses of Reports / Dashboards between several dates, etc

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