Automating software development

One of the things I am fond is reducing the time to perform tasks in the software world. Sometimes that involves lots of code such as a custom testing system I am building for a client. But even lots of the code for the test system can be automated.For instance, consider the application that’s using SQL Server on the backend. The following two select statements spit out labels and textboxes for a WPF window:


Windows 10

Widows 10 is heading our way quickly. The new version is the next major update to Windows 8.1 and will rock. It will be targeted at devices small to large and incorporate features that many users have asked for.
This is great news for companies and individuals alike. You can get a glimpse of the new start menu now. Theres lots of work to make it easy for developers to write applications that span devices also.
Another feature that will rock is the side by side feature for metro apps. This will add great multi tasking UI features so we can move from window to window.
And much more info to come.

Stay tuned.

Uses for SQL Server 2014

This week I gave a presentation to a client on using SQL Server 2014 in-memory features. This was just an overview session to give them an idea of what it was and how it works. The discussions that acme of out of this were quite interesting. One in particular stands out.