Microsoft’s Business Analytics Service Power BI, enables us to connect to hundreds of data sources and produce beautiful reports that can be consumed on the web and across mobile devices, in order to deliver insights throughout our entire organization. So,in this post, I will walk you through the process to get data in Power BI from Oracle Database.

When you open Power BI Desktop, you will see the following window:

 Power BI´s main page

PowerBI welcome page

By clicking on Get Data (located at the top left of the window), the following window will appear. As we want to obtain the data from an Oracle Database, the only thing we have to do is to mark that Oracle Database option and click on the Connect button.

Getting data from your Database

Get Data page

How to connect Power BI to Oracle Database

After click on Connect button, the following window will appear:

Open Oracle database with server

Connect to Oracle database

In the Server box, we will write the exactly the following text:
These instructions are written in the tnsnames.ora file, which is located in: C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\network\ADMIN
Note: if you do not have exactly that code, change it to get it in the same way!

Write text to connect from Oracle Database

Once we have copied and pasted the text before, we have to ensure that the Import option is selected because we want to import directly the data from an Oracle database. Once we have all this right, we click on OK button.

Oracle Database XE

After that, the following window will appear. Here we have to write our credentials and these credentials correspond to the user we created in the Oracle Database Express Edition 11g program:

 Oracle Database login

Oracle Database XE login

These are the data we introduced in:
Database Username: EXAMPLE_USER
Application Express Username: TEST
Password: test
Confirm Password: test

How to Login Oracle Database

Oracle db in PowerBI

So here, in our case, we have to introduce the following credentials:
Password: test

 Oracle Database navigator

Navigate Oracle database

Once you click on the Connect button, you will arrive at the following window. Therefore, you will be able to see the objects you have in your Oracle database:

 Power BI from Oracle Database

Oracle databases

If you click on your schema (in our case, EXAMPLE_USER), we will see the same databases we have in Oracle.
Databases in PowerBI:

Oracle Databases Navigator

 Power BI from Oracle Database

Load tables in PowerBI

If we click on some of them, we will able to load them in Power BI Desktop, as follows:

 Power BI from Oracle Database


After a few minutes of loading, the tables selected will appear:

 Power BI from Oracle Database

Tables loaded in PowerBI

Now, in the right part of the screen, we can see the loaded tables with all their data. In conclusion, this is the way to connect Power BI from Oracle Database.

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