I have setup a virtual machine on Hiper-V to analyze the SQL Server Denali CTP3 bits. One of the “new” features I was interested on was the upgrade on the SSAS side. As probably most of you have been reading, there is a double path on the Analysis Services area, to go on the tabular or the OLAP model. To solve that it has been defined the BISM (Business Intelligence Semantic Model), you can find additional information ‘La biblioteca de PowerPivot’ from my SolidQ Colleagues. What I have found has really surprised me because you have to decide on the installation path (as you can see in the figure below) if you want to setup a tabular or a multidimensional instance. That means that the SSAS engine is totally different and you have to setup separate instances names even if you want to have both models in your company.

Once you have setup both instances in your server, you can access from the SQL Server Management Studio and you will easily identified them by the icon, the tabular one will appear with the new BISM icon while the OLAP one will have the traditional UDM one.

The other point is that datamining is not under the tabular instance, so if you want to continue using data mining you have to definetely go ahead with the multidimensional setup.

So even, when Microsoft is saying that both models will be under the BISM unless while you are setting up a Denali instance you have to take the decision on which direction you want to continue. We will see what happen on the final release.