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In this category you will find technical articles with tips and best practices on:

  • Power BI: all new products, DAX, dimensional modeling, etc.
  • Improvement of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical processes
  • Use cases and applications of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning, in general

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Updates on Data Analytics for Developers:

Retain your customers with AI

What is churn? Customer churn is a well known phenomenon in many businesses. In fact, in virtually every single one that you may imagine, since every business has customers and sells "stuff" to them. What is sold is irrelevant for the fact that the customer is always present. Even if the business...

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Azure Database integrated authentication with SSIS

In many scenarios, we face the need to use integrated authentication in order to gain access to the required data sources to feed our analytical system. In view of Azure’s increasingly widespread use, as is the case with at least part of our infrastructure, some of these sources are hosted in Azure databases. In this case, we will discuss an actual error that we have come across when configuring and using integrated authentication in Azure databases with SSIS.

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Power BI Bookmarks! What are they for? How can I use them?

In this entry, we will show you how to create bookmarks and different scenarios where they may be useful. Bookmarks are basically used to store the status of a specific report page including the filter selection and the visibility of the different objects, allowing the user to return to that same status by simply selecting the saved bookmark.

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Power BI Dataflows: How does the new tool work?

In this blog post, we will show you some information regarding the new Power BI functionality known as Dataflow, that already exists in services such as Office 365. We must highlight that this new service is still in the Beta stages, so it is currently subject to modifications and updates.

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Converting Excel files into CSV and uploading files using SSIS

Although SQL Server Integration Services, hereinafter SSIS, is capable of uploading Excel files, in most cases it can be time consuming because any small modifications to the Excel files can make the SSIS crash. For that reason, the best option is usually to transform those Excel files into .csv format, since uploading text files will cause you significantly less issues than the Excel files.

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