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In this category you will find articles of interest related to Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence… among others. We write about technological novelties with a business focus to inspire you with use cases in your Data Strategy.

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Retain your customers with AI

What is churn? Customer churn is a well known phenomenon in many businesses. In fact, in virtually every single one that you may imagine, since every business has customers and sells "stuff" to them. What is sold is irrelevant for the fact that the customer is always present. Even if the business...

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Power BI (Audit) Usage Analytics; Get the most out of your Dashboards!

SolidQ has developed a powerful tool through Power BI itself that gives abundant information on the use of the organization´s Dashboards and Reports. Power BI Usage Analytics allows us to know, for example, whether a Dashboard is being used or not, if it is used a lot or a little, who uses them and at what times, what Workspace is used more, as well as compare uses of Reports / Dashboards between several dates, etc

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What is Machine Learning?

The increasing diversification of the type and volume of data, the cheapening of computational processing costs and storage costs have opened a window of opportunity for the resurgence of a discipline that already existed on paper and among equations: Machine Learning.

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The effects of great team work

I know, I know, I might be a little too optimistic after watching Spain winning the Football World Championship last night. However, I'd like to point out the importance of team work over sparking individual performers. I don't know much about football, not even about the Spanish football players,...

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