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Power BI (Audit) Usage Analytics; Get the most out of your Dashboards!

SolidQ has developed a powerful tool through Power BI itself that gives abundant information on the use of the organization´s Dashboards and Reports. Power BI Usage Analytics allows us to know, for example, whether a Dashboard is being used or not, if it is used a lot or a little, who uses them and at what times, what Workspace is used more, as well as compare uses of Reports / Dashboards between several dates, etc

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Creating PowerPoint presentations from R

Create a PowerPoint presentation and insert a series of graphics and text programmatically, using the OfficeR and rvg packages together. Take advantage of the occasion to present (for those who do not know) the ‘Pipe’ operator, very useful when nesting functions.

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Azure ASR and SQL Server

Learn how to protect a SQL Server virtual machine in Azure from a disaster by replicating from the northern region of Europe to Western Europe. The process of testing the DR environment is straightforward and fast thanks to the automation offered by Azure. Protecting a single machine is only a small step within a DR strategy at the corporate level, which must take into account many more factors, as well as the dependencies between the different resources, services, etc

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What is Machine Learning?

The increasing diversification of the type and volume of data, the cheapening of computational processing costs and storage costs have opened a window of opportunity for the resurgence of a discipline that already existed on paper and among equations: Machine Learning.

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Get data in Power BI from Oracle Database

Microsoft's Business Analytics Service Power BI, enables us to connect to hundreds of data sources and produce beautiful reports that can be consumed on the web and across mobile devices, in order to deliver insights throughout our entire organization. In this post, I...

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Python for SQL Server Specialists Part 3: Graphs and Machine Learning

In this article you will learn about the most important libraries for advanced graphing, namely matplotlib and seaborn, and about the most popular data science library, the scikit-learn library. You will learn how to do graphs with two Python libraries: matplotlib and seaborn. Matplotlib is a mature well-tested, and cross-platform graphics engine. In order to work with it, you need to import it.

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