Here it is! At last the most expected version of SharePoint has been made publicly available as public beta build.

The SolidQ SharePoint Team is working hard with the new SharePoint beta to deliver the best and earliest information about all the new features that it brings to us. We are working on a SolidQ Certified Master’s degree on SharePoint (including 2013 version), which delivering is starting by October 18 (in Spanish).

We will publish a big bunch of posts about the new product version starting today, so keep checking this blog add it to your favorites, follow up the RSS source and download the Windows Phone SolidQ Blogs app if want to be an expert on SharePoint 2013.

While you wait for the next posts on beta installation and more, you can start downloading the public beta bits from here.

Download SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview

Download SharePoint Server 2013 Preview