I’ve been working on accessing SharePoint data remotely (2007, 2010 and Online) in the last months and I found a couple of months ago a breaking point in my developments. The Events List (also known as SharePoint Calendar list).

When I tried to get list items fro this kind of list using this line of code

listsWs.GetListItems(listGUID, "", query, viewFields, rowLimit, queryOptions,


The result was nothing, zero items. However, I checked the Items.Count property for that list I get a number of items. When I reviewed this list, the result was that there are really the number of items the Items.Count property returned, but (this is the important thing) the default view of the Events List (that view that looks like a calendar of the current month) had no items at that moment. And that’s the tricky thing, you need to pass through the GUID of the All Items view for each Events List if you want to get all the items inside it.

So the right call to the GetListItems method for this list would be something like this (including the second parameter as a string GUID of the All Items view):

listsWs.GetListItems(listGUID, "here your string GUID", query, viewFields, 
rowLimit, queryOptions, null);

I hope that helps you to avoid a head ache getting data remotely from Event Lists.


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