Useful Resources

SolidQ Azure B C P

SQL Azure BCP makes easier for database admins and developers to do bulk copy loads into SQL Azure. This bcp replacement allows you to define each load using an easily XML file. It’s been developed using C#.

SolidQ Managed Met adata Exporter for SharePo int 2010

This tool helps you to manage managed metadata in SharePoint 2010. It can create and delete terms and term sets, import term sets, EXPORT term sets in a .csv file, etc. This solution also shows how to access Managed Metadata by the web service TaxonomyClientService.

SolidQ Filtered Lookup Columns for Cascading Dropdowns in SharePoint 2010

This framework helps you to do cascading filters in dropdowns lookups columns in SharePoint 2010. It supports more than 20 items scenario, then it works fine with select and also with input tag. And also lets more than one cascade relationship. It is very easy to configure.​

SolidQ Captcha Asp Net and SharePoint Control

SolidQ Captcha Asp Net and SharePoint Control is a new ​way to validate forms. Is based on human perception to distinguish colors. The user select the correct color and drag and drop it to the validation area. It’s developed in,, jQuery and Ajax.​​