Another in my series of SQL Server 2008 posts on things I have noticed when redoing my course. For those who have not had a chance to look at SQL Server 2008 yet, they have changed the setup package. The screens are different, many better, some worse. Quite a few people have had negative opinions of the setup package, but to me it is like everything else: once you get use to it, it is not so bad.

During the installation, you will need to determine the accounts you want your services to run under. Most of us pick domain user accounts, but a few people on smaller machines pick a builtin system account to execute their services accounts under. Of the three builtin system accounts: NT AUTHORITYLOCAL SERVICE, NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE, and NT AUTHORITYLOCAL SYSTEM, one is not support for the SQL Server Agent: NT AUTHORITYLOCAL SERVICE.

In SQL Server 2005, you could choose this account and SQL Server will continue to install even though the account is not supported. However, in SQL Server 2008 when you choose this account and hit the Next button, you will get a warning message that this account is not supported. This gives you a chance to go back and pick another account.


I do like this new addition to the wizard. Anything that tells me I am making a mistake while I make it and not later is usually a good thing. Now, if they would just warn us when we are using the builtin accounts in the first place, we would have it made. Pop up a little warning about the dangers of using the accounts for our services.

Short post today, but something I thought I would write about. Until next time.