I am excited to announce to our community and partners that I have moved on from my North American leadership role to a new role as our Corporate Chief Technology Officer. My new job is to align the long-term vision of what SolidQ does and how we do it, across all our international markets. Joining me will be Antonio Soto as Corporate COO, dedicating himself to our global operations and driving delivery support in both established and growing markets.

SolidQ has never had a Corporate CTO, and so by creating this role we are placing a broad, consistent emphasis on What SolidQ does and How SolidQ does it. To make this a reality we are assembling a team and competency center: The SolidQ Center of Excellence (CoE). The SolidQ CoE team will span the globe with a primary focus on developing innovative service solutions, thus enabling the entire SolidQ organization to deliver the highest standard of technical services to a global marketplace. Our business is rooted in our team of consultants and mentors—their ongoing technical readiness, growing subject matter expertise, and the SolidQ culture they embody. Of course this is supported and demonstrated—both internally and externally—by expanding our body of knowledge, wrangling intellectual property, and capturing stories of how SolidQ creates value and shares success with our clients.

SolidQ always has a lot in motion. Our team works hard to continually evolve how we deliver services like SolidQ Flex Services, the SolidQ Adaptive BI Framework and SolidQ SQL Server HealthCheck. This happens alongside our client engagements focused on data center modernization, data warehousing and big data, and business intelligence maturing into advanced analytics. Of course in Microsoft-speak that means lots of SQL Server (implementations, upgrades and migrations), Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight and Hadoop, Power BI, Cortana Analytics Suite and the Microsoft IoT Suite. The SolidQ CoE will help all of SolidQ stay fluent with these technologies and ensure we are capable of performing similar deliveries in client engagements everywhere.

While all this gets off the ground, we are actively seeking the right leader to join SolidQ as Managing Director for North America. To pilot the ship in the meantime Randy Jackson is serving as interim Managing Director. Our clients are in good hands; he’s been a long-time advisor, board member and regularly serves in interim executive capacities for a broad range of organizations. The right leader as our permanent Managing Director is someone who Thinks Big and Moves Fast, seeks to delight our clients with value creation and delivery excellence, and lives and breathes the SolidQ values of honesty and integrity.

We’re hiring for strong resources in Data Management, BI and Advanced Analytics. If you’re a technologist and want to be part of the SolidQ family, you can take a look at the SolidQ careers page.

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