Windows 10 is moving along too. The new technical preview is out. The preview has exposed some new features which look very promising.

One of the best new features seems to be the ability to create many desktops and move back and forth between them. This would allow a user to create different desktops for projects and personal use. If the taskbar goes along with the desktop then you could have custom taskbars for each desktop. Hm, now we are begging for 3 or 4 screens to show separate desktops on some and one desktop on others.

Another feature allows you to run Windows 8 style applications (i.e. metro or modern/universal) in resizable windows. You can also resize and dock them. This feature makes those applications really useable in a desktop scenario because you can run them side by side with standard applications.

Microsoft is also adding Cortana support to the desktop with Windows 10. I think this is huge as I have done lots of work with speech systems in the past. Once you get to using this on a regular basis you will find it will flow into your workday without you realizing it.

Windows 10 will also change the start menu to a more usable format. This is not a case of ditching the old one but of evolving it to a new and more easier to use type that the one in Windows 8.1.

And one other core feature is a dramatic improvement in DirectX. This will bring a powerful boost to games and any application that is graphic intensive.

And another long awaited feature is the application area where we can expect new versions of the Office suite to be rebuilt into the new modern or universal UI format. This means they will be touch centric but work well in the non touch mode too. This has been a long time coming and finally shows Microsoft’s commitment to the new UI design.


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