Como parte de una colaboración como MCT a MS-Press, recientemente leí el libro: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices y la verdad me dejo muy impresionado la calidad y profundidad del mismo. El libro no es un libro de desarrollo es un libro de arquitectura. Mis comentarios en el sitio de Amazon en ingles fueron:

My review may be biased, because I really enjoyed this book.
This book is well written and instead of directly heading to the technical aspects of Sharepoint, it goes and starts with the problems that are most likely to kill a project: change resistance, politics and conflict management. However it doesn’t stop there. The book digs deep into every aspect of a SharePoint project lifecycle from envisioning to deployment. This book is a must read for software architects.
1)    Full of effective recommendations on how to get the most of SharePoint.
2)    Solid advice on how to manage SharePoint projects.
1)    It may be overwhelming to new SharePoint players. If you are new to SharePoint consider reading the chapters relevant in each phase of the project.
2)    If you are looking for technical depth and how to practices, you won’t find them here.




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