Cumulative hotfix package (build 3152) for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 is available

Bueno, parece que han sacado un FIX para un fallo de la lista del artículo:

50000939 The Maintenance Cleanup task uses an incorrect age group for cleanup operations.


Pero parece que el otro no está resuelto todavía… en fin, para mi gusto (y el de muchos de vosotros), demasiada frecuencia de SP2, refresh, cummulative…


El KB está en


Lo solucionado es:

SQL bug number



When you define the value of the AdminTimeout property and the value of the ServerTimeout property, a profiler trace stops unexpectedly.


When you make a data manipulation language (DML) change to a published table, error 2812 occurs.


When you create a cursor by using an SQL statement that uses the OPTION (RECOMPILE) hint, error 16943 occurs. Error 16943 indicates that the table schema changed. This problem occurs when you retrieve information from the cursor location.


A memory leak exists in the MSOLAP provider (Msolap90.dll).


When you configure the Scheduler component to use a time-out value that is less than 15 milliseconds, you experience high CPU usage.


The LazyWriter process uses lots of CPU resources. This problem occurs on a non-uniform memory access (NUMA)-enabled x64-based server that is running SQL Server 2005 x64 Edition.


When you update a view through a cursor, you cannot make a CSEQUAL request or a TSEQUAL request for rows that are extended by using NULL values.


When you run an application in SQL Server 2005, error 8624 occurs. Error 8624 indicates that the cycle check failed.


When the stored procedure runs outside an explicit transaction, a temporary table in a stored procedure is not cleaned up correctly.


When you run a Microsoft Office Excel data mining operation, you receive the following error message:

The ‘MINIMUM_DEPENDENCY_PROBABILITY’ data mining parameter is not valid for the ‘Table1_283833_NB_413946’ model


The Maintenance Cleanup task uses an incorrect age group for cleanup operations.



Cuidado con los prerequisites (HABILITAR SMO y DMO XPs):

SQL Server 2005 hotfixes are now multilanguage. There is only one cumulative hotfix package for all languages.

One cumulative hotfix package includes all the component packages. The cumulative hotfix package is designed to update only those components that are installed on the system.

You must enable the SQL Server Management Object (SMO) extended stored procedures and the SQL Server Distributed Management Object (SQL-DMO) extended stored procedures before you install the cumulative hotfix package. For more information about the SMO and DMO XPs option, see SQL Server 2005 Books Online.

Note SQL Server 2005 Books Online notes that the default setting of these stored procedures is 0 (off). However, this value is incorrect. By default, the setting is 1 (on).



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